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Enjoy Your Relaxing Retreat

Using high quality medical grade products tailored to your skin type. Consultations and skin analysis are complimentary to our services!

Clinical Treatments

Clinical Aesthetic Treatments:

We specialize in treatments that target acne, scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles and fine-lines. You will notice a difference after one session but most treatment recommendations are 4 to 6 treatments to see optimal results! 

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Luxe Basic Facial:

 This treatment will include a full skin analysis, double cleanse, extractions, steaming (if suitable), facial massage, mask, and finishing products.

This is a really great treatment to treat yourself, rewind, and relax. We will help choose the right products that suit your skin type and will help with your home care regimen. 

1 hour: $125

Natural Beauty Products

Chemical Peels:

These are superficial to medium grade peels that will exfoliate the epidermis layer of the skin, carefully applied and chosen for your skin type. Great for acneic skin, mature skin, and dehydrated skin. 

45 minutes to 1 hour: 


Facial Treatment


A treatment that will exfoliate and polish the skin with a suction handpiece with a diamond bit attachment. Taking off all the dead skin cells, leaving the skin beautiful and youthful. 

45 minutes to 1 hour:


Mesotherapy BB Glow 

Using nano microneedles (fine hair size needle) to penetrate through the top layers of skin while infusing seed extracted serums to help with hydration, uneven skin textures, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, and wrinkles. You instantly leave with glowier skin with no down time. Best of all this is a pain free service!

Duration time - 90 minutes - $250
Citrus Fruits
Professional cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection with dermapen on face for effectiv

A collagen induction therapy that uses micro needles to create channels into the skin while infusing hyaluronic acid that stimulates the bodys healing response in return brighter, glowy, younger looking skin. It's great for melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and many more. 

90 to 105 minutes - $300 (Face) 

Virtual Esthetic Guidance
Virtual Esthetic Guidance

Virtual Esthetic


Being a mother of two, I didn't know the meaning of self-care and self-love; I ALWAYS thought I was just here to provide and support my two babies! It wasnt up until last year March 2023 that I realized that I am important and I deserve the love and care too. Not only did it help me grow mentally and have a more positive energy for my kids but i felt better and was able to be more present with my kids! I want that for everyone as well! I'm a firm believer that we are put on this earth to help as many others as we can! My passion has always been to help others through beauty, wellness and esthetic services. Nothing excites me more than to bring my knowledge and passion to those around me! It excites me to meet new people with different journeys! The idea of tackling your

skin concerns but also bringing relaxation and rejuvenation really has me to embark in the world of esthetics deeply. YOU deserve someone who truly loves what they do and has the desire and empathy to care as much as you do!

Skin care, self- love and rejuvenating yourself are all part of mental, emotional and physical benefits.

I am here to deliver the unique kind of love you deserve all in while being at home!  

Our esthetician will be your guidance along your whole skin journey. This is a great way to stay on track with your skin but also maintaining healthy skin year round! One of the most important things to understand is that treatments are only 20% of the maintenance you need to have glowy skin; the other 80% is maintained at home. 

You don't go to the dentist and not brush your teeth right? The analogy is the same for skin!

30 minute initial free consultation

Virtual appointment fee tailored to each client's skin journey! Lets get planning together! 

Laser Treatment

Laser Servicing

*Only at west location: Love Your Back #116, 6655 - 178 Street NW*

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Typically 7 to 10 sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Sick of the unwanted hair, razor burns, and in-grown hairs; we've got you covered with our Cynosure Elite+ to help target those hairs. This will leave your skin feeling smooth, and even skin tone. 

Prices vary depending on area.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation

Got scarring? Wrinkles? Redness? Uneven skin tone? 

Our Cynosure Elite+ has got you covered! It's a non-ablative treatment that heats up the sublayer of the skin to create collagen formation leaving the skin rejuvenated and flawless!

Initial Appointment 50% off $75 (regular $150)

Package of 3 10% off

 Package of 5 15% off 

Body and More

Pampering Our Clients With Professional Attention

Body & More ...

Butt Contour & Lifts

This is a great service for not only people who are looking for a boot lift but with confidence in their body. Helps shape the legs and cellulite where most women have trouble doing. We love boosting up your confidence and lets be honest... who doesn't love a good bubble butt. 

Duration Time - 1 hour 30 minutes - $150 

Package of 6 - $600

Image by Dainis Graveris

Face Lift (RF Skin)

This service is to provide a beauty face lift for those who want to slim down the jaw line and possible have it more defined. Helps with fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, collagen production, and plump up the skin for more youthful looking appearance. It uses radio frequency waves to heat the dermis part of your skin to stimulate the collagen production and cooling sensation on the top layer of your skin.  Lets be real; who doesn't like to look younger? 

Duration Time:

30 minutes - $60

45 minutes - $75

Lower Body

Body Contour

This service is called ultrasonic cavitation and laser liposuction! Sounds crazy but this service is great because no down time and no incision invading the skin. This helps break down your fat to liquid fat cells which gets released out of the body through your lymphatic system. Drink loads of water ladies cause this is the time to get your results! This works best on stubborn areas of fat such as the tummy, under arms, and inner thighs. 

Duration Time:

60 minutes - $150 

90 minutes - $220

pkg 6 (60 minutes) - $600



All lash sets are customizable to each client’s eye shape. You may ask our lash artist about what lash shape works best with your eye shape. We will definitely do our best to deliver our client’s vision. 


This is a beautiful natural lash set that is the procedure of adhering is one individual lash extension to one natural lash giving appearance of enhanced natural curl and length to your lashes. This set is suggested for someone who is new to lash extensions and wants natural looking lashes. 

Full Set - 2 hours - $90

Fill - 1.5 hours - $70

Eyes and Brows
Long Lashes


Hybrid lash set is a beautiful type of lashes that proceeds to deliver natural lashes as well just like the classic set but for someone who wants there lashes a little more fuller than there natural lashes. It’s great for someone who has some balding or gaps in between each lash. This is great because the volume lashes will fill in those gaps in between clients natural lashes. This procedure of adhering is one 3-5 volume fans in between one classic lash. This set is suggested for someone who wants a little more coverage with their natural lash but loves how their natural lashes look. 

Full set - 2.5 hours - $100

Fill - 2 hours - $80


Volume lashes are absolutely stunning. It’s a great set that delivers from soft volume to lots of fluff. If the client has lots of lashes to begin with; it can look very dramatic. This procedure of adhering is one 3-5 fanned lashes or one 5-7 fanned lashes to one natural lash giving either a soft or full volume coverage. It could be worn for everyday depending on what clients would like. This set is suggested for client’s who would like some light drama to their eyes but not giving too much. 

Full Set - 2.5 hours - $115

Fill - 2 hours - $90

Brown Eyes
Makeup Trials


These beautiful full sets are great for weddings, graduation or any major event that you would like full drama to the eyes. This procedure of adhering is one 10 or more fanned lashes to one natural lash. Don’t be mistaken, this can be either very dramatic or look like a fuller volume set depending on client’s natural lashes. This set is suggested for client’s who wants that full on effect with their lashes.

Full Set - 2.5 hours - $120

Fill - 2 hours - $100

Facial Treatment

Add ons:

Extra $50

 -Enzyme Peels

-Waffle Masks

-Laser Liposuction

-Vacuum Facial

- Hydrojelly Facial Masks

Mineral Mask
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