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About Us

Welcome to Luxe Panda Beauty, we are a licensed home-based medical clinic that delivers high quality lashes, and esthetic services to our clients. Our priority is to make sure we hear you as our client and deliver customized treatments to your needs. Embark in the wonders of self care and esthetics together because YOU deserve to put YOU first. If you can't physically make it, we can definitely do virtual consultations to help find you a skin journey we can work on together! 

About: Mission & Values
About: About Us
“Hey girl! I just wanna say thank you for helping me get my skin better. I was so self conscious with all the black heads on my nose and my peach fuzz all over my face. The monthly facial and dermaplaning helped soooo much!! The laser helped get rid of the darkness under my chin as well! Please keep doing what you do cuz you're helping people like me in gaining their self confidence back!! "

Melissa Subiere

Our Values

Ensuring Top Quality Medical Grade Products and Services

I'm a firm believer that we are put on this earth
To help as many others as we can! My passion has always been to help others through beauty and esthetic services. Nothing excites me more than to bring my knowledge and passion to those around me! It excites me to meet people with different skin concerns and to be able to follow their journey but guide them through it together. The idea of tackling your skin concerns but also bringing relaxation and rejuvenation really has me to embark in the world of esthetics deeply.
YOU deserve someone who truly loves what they do and has the desire and empathy to care as much as you do! Skin care, self- love and rejuvenating yourself are all part of mental, emotional and physical benefits. I am here for you to deliver the oasis spa retreat you so deserve!

You deserve relaxation, balance and some
YOU- time!

Marble Surface

2 locations in Edmonton, Alberta:
Luxe Panda Beauty: 1140 Chappelle Boulevard SW T6W 2z3
Love Your Back Massage and Laser Studio: #116, 6655 - 178 Street NW T5T 4J5 

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